VTK 5.2 Released

July 10, 2008

VTK 5.2 is the first major release of VTK since 5.0 was released in January 2006. This release includes:

  • The new Infovis kit for processing and visualizing “information”(non-geometric) data
  • The new Views kit to combine groups of filters, visualization techniques, interaction, and selection mechanisms into a render window to view data
  • A new Widgets architecture and more than a dozen new 3D widgets Improved time support
  • Improved multi-block / composite data support
  • Improved Java wrapping
  • Improved Mac OS X support
  • New Utilities: freerange, verdict, libxml2, metaio, sqlite
  • Updated Utilities: freetype, zlib
  • More than 300 new C++ classes since VTK 5.0
  • More than 100 new C++ tests since VTK 5.0

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