VTK 6.0.0.rc3 is Ready for Testing!

June 13, 2013

The VTK 6.0 release candidate stream continues! You can find the
source here:


Thank you everyone who tried release candidate 2. In rc2 the community found several bugs related to building and packaging VTK with CMake option selections than were not well tested on the VTK dashboard. There were also issues exposed in ParaView 4.0’s release candidate testing.

Following is the complete list of changes in this rc since the last release. Please try this version of VTK in your projects and report any issues to the mailing list. Also, if you find bugs, please enter them into the VTK bug tracker (http://www.vtk.org/Bug/my_view_page.php) and set the “Issue found in version” field to “6.0.0.rc”.

Andrew Bauer (1):
      Get rid of warning when using VTK externally through Python.

Bill Lorensen (1):
      BUG: Examples should build if BUILD_TESTING is OFF

Dave DeMarle (6):
      Cull tests that depend on VTK_DATA or VTK_LARGE_DATA when not present.
      Fix combination of java wrapping and testing off.
      suppress warnings from libxml2
      fix and restore example of external module
      guard out more tests that require vtkdata
      remove accidentally committed debug statement

David Thompson (1):
      Use the font scaling provided by vtkTextActor.

Kyle Lutz (3):
      Skip rendering of invalid points in PlotLine/PlotPoints
      Render trailing good points in line/point plots
      Fix bounds calculation for vtkPlotPoints with bad points

Luca Barbato (1):
      Use newest FFMPEG API.

Marcus D. Hanwell (1):
      Ensure module files are generated in the build tree

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