VTK and ParaView to Make Transition to Git

April 16, 2010

Over the next few days we will transition both VTK and ParaView to Git. Additional details are available on these Wiki pages (under development):


We’ve already released the binaries for ParaView and the binaries for VTK will be available soon. Our timeline for the permanent transition is:

April 16: Have Kitware-maintained VTK and ParaView dashboard clients transitioned to use new “vtk_common” and “paraview_common” helper scripts that provide a single point of change for switching from CVS to Git.

April 19: Lock VTK and ParaView CVS repositories, push final changes to Git, switch all dashboards over to Git. There will be a final commit to CVS after this that adds a message() to report that the CVS repository is no longer maintained.

Throughout the dashboard and repository transition, and even a few days past April 19th, things may be chaotic while we address unforeseen issues. After the initial activation of the Git repository as the official center of development we may restrict push access temporarily while things stabilize just as if we were preparing a release.

In the meantime, if you have CVS commit access to VTK and/or ParaView and wish to have “push” privileges for the Git repository, please provide a public ssh key for authentication. See the following Wiki page for details: 


The CVS->Git tracking repositories we have been publishing on GitHub and Gitorious will be removed. We will replace them with copies of the new official histories; however, we may wait for awhile before replacing them to avoid confusion of the two forms of history.

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