Upgrade to the VTK Examples website

February 26, 2024
PBR Skybox Texturing

Kitware is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the VTK examples website

Within each C++ example page, in addition to the existing screenshot, an interactive 3D view has been added. The view is the result of a WebAssembly compilation of the C++ example code. This leverages VTK.wasm that brings VTK onto the web.

This new addition improves the VTK developer experience by making the VTK example website more interactive. Check out the different examples (e.g. the IO Examples, PBR texture skybox one…).

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) has been set up to update the VTK example website as VTK repository evolves. The 1000+ examples are compiled nightly against VTK master.

For more information, consider the related discourse post announcement.


This work was funded by an internal innovative effort of Kitware Europe.

Kitware would like to thank Andrew Maclean for his precious work on the VTK example website.

There are many ways to bring the power of VTK onto the web. Please contact us for more information.

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