Ebrahim Ebrahim, Ph.D.

Senior R&D Engineer

Medical Computing

Kitware North Carolina
Carrboro, NC

Ph.D. in Math
University of California, Santa Barbara

B.S. in Math
University of New Hampshire

B.S. in Physics
University of New Hampshire

Ebrahim Ebrahim is a senior R&D engineer on Kitware’s Medical Computing Team located in Carrboro, North Carolina. He contributes software for the team’s research, development, and technology integration services for research centers, universities, and commercial companies in the medical and biomedical sectors. Ebrahim has worked on deformable medical image registration using deep learning and classical techniques, statistical harmonization of multi-site neuroimaging datasets, and software development for neuroimaging pipelines. Additionally, Ebrahim leads an ongoing project focused on developing tools for the longitudinal analysis of brain microstructure using diffusion MRI datasets. Besides neuroimaging analysis, Ebrahim has also worked on designing algorithms for surgical spectral imaging devices.

Before joining Kitware, Ebrahim was a lecturer for two years at the University of California, Santa Barbara Mathematics Department. He thoroughly enjoyed teaching and mentoring math and science majors. Prior to that, Ebrahim was a pure-math Ph.D. student working on the representation theory of noncommutative algebras.

Ebrahim received his Ph.D. in math from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2018. In 2012, he received a double bachelor’s degree in math and physics from the University of New Hampshire.


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