The Medical Open Network for AI (MONAI): Open Science for the Challenges of Medical Imaging AI

Presenter: Stephen R. Aylward, Ph.D., Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Kitware and Chair of MONAI Advisory Board

Host: Maciej Mazurowski, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Radiology at Duke University.

This foundational concept of science is critical in medical research and product development, yet it is particularly challenging for many AI systems. Project MONAI was created to address reproducibility and speed the R&D pace for medical imaging AI applications. What began as a joint venture between NVIDIA and King’s College London has expanded to include leaders and developers from hundreds of medical imaging teams worldwide. The open source software from Project MONAI provides AI applications that improve the speed and accuracy of image annotation tasks, AI algorithms for nearly every aspect of medical image generation and analysis, and tools for deploying AI systems in clinical environments. This talk will introduce MONAI and describe how MONAI and open science practices can lead to success in academia and industry.

This session is part of the monthly seminar series organized by Spark: AI Health Initiative for Medical Imaging. The seminar will highlight outstanding work in medical imaging at Duke and beyond. The seminar recordings will be publicly available.

The Spark initiative focuses on the development, validation, and clinical implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms for broadly understood medical imaging by bringing together technical and clinical expertise across the Duke campus. For more information, please contact Dr. Maciej Mazurowski (

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