Kitware’s Senior Director of Medical Research Appointed to MICCAI Board of Directors

February 26, 2016

stephen_headshotThe Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) Society recently named Dr. Stephen Aylward as treasurer of its board of directors. Dr. Aylward is the Senior Director of Medical Research and the Senior Director of Operations in North Carolina at Kitware. He is a prominent figure in the medical computing community, and he has taken part in the annual international MICCAI conference since its inaugural year in 1998. In recent years, Dr. Aylward has served on the MICCAI board of directors and on MICCAI program committees. He has also actively participated in the conference, presenting papers, coordinating the Young Scientist Publication Impact Award, and co-organizing workshops. Dr. Aylward will continue his involvement at this year’s MICCAI conference.

In addition to his appointment as treasurer of the MICCAI board of directors, Dr. Aylward is an associate editor of SPIE’s Journal of Medical Imaging and IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. He is also the treasurer of the Insight Software Consortium, an adjunct associate professor of computer science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an accomplished researcher. At Kitware, Dr. Aylward’s research efforts center on vascular image analysis, computer-aided diagnosis, and low-cost ultrasound applications. To learn about the work in which Dr. Aylward and his team are currently involved, please read “Kitware: Leading-Edge Ultrasound Research.”



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    I am master student in medical informatics working on medical image processing.
    I want to run medical examples in vtk, but I can not do it, please if it is possible help me.

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