Session 1: Monday, November 30 from 8:00 am – Noon EST

Session 2: Monday, November 30 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST

The ‘Modern Insights from Microscopy Images: An Introduction to Web-based Methodologies’ tutorial is part of the From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends Virtual Conference (I2K 2020).

Abstract: Technological evolution poises modern, web-based methods as the future of bioimage analysis. Moreover, web-based methods are better suited to solve challenges such as extremely large images and reproducibility. In this tutorial, we will introduce the concepts, approaches, and tools for modern, web-based open source bioimage analysis. An introduction to the fundamentals of web-based imaging is covered through the topics of web-based image visualization, image data storage for the web, distributed image processing in the cloud, asynchronous programming, and re-usable deep learning components on the web. Content will be presented in Jupyter notebook modules consisting of oral presentations, interactive material, and hands-on exercises.

To participate, students are required to have a laptop or a workstation, Chrome web browser, and a GitHub account. Students should also install miniconda or anaconda to obtain the conda package manager.

This tutorial is being taught by Matthew McCormick, a principal engineer on Kitware’s Medical Computing Team.

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