Kitware is proud to be involved in the 2nd NOAA Workshop on Leveraging AI in Environmental Sciences.

On Thursday, August 27, at 1 PM ET, Matthew Dawkins from our Computer Vision Team will provide a 20-minute overview of the Video and Image Analytics for Marine Environments (VIAME) toolkit, a do-it-yourself AI platform that enables marine scientists to leverage deep learning for image/video analysis without any knowledge of AI, deep learning or programming.

According to NOAA, the goal of the workshop is to help gather scientists, program managers, and leaders from the public, academic, and private sectors and enable them to meet and exchange experiences related to the development and adaptation of AI tools and applications. This year’s workshop will be hosted virtually and span over several months.

As part of this same workshop, Kitware will also conduct a two-hour tutorial on VIAME, scheduled for September 22.

Full details can be found in this blog post.

Physical Event