VTK Textbook and User’s Guide now available for download

September 21, 2016

TextbookCoverKitware is releasing the VTK Textbook and VTK User’s Guide for PDF download. Follow the links below to a landing page where you can buy a printed version, or download a PDF. If you wish to buy several copies, contact us for a sweet deal.

Longer term, the plan is to convert these books to LaTeX or other open authoring tool (converted from Framemaker) and place the content into an open repository. The first step is to mostly duplicate what exists now; eventually we have the ambitious goal to completely rewrite / recombine / rethink the books. For example, one possibility is to use VTK.js (under development now) to offer web interaction with examples etc. We can certainly use the talents of the VTK community and interested others to take this challenge on, so if you want to help please let us know.

6 comments to VTK Textbook and User’s Guide now available for download

  1. Francois thanks for the comment. I should have made it more clear that we will consider a number of possibilities including LaTeX and others like asciidoc etc. We’ll have to run some tests with equation generation and layout since the VTK Textbook has some fancy math notation. I expect that we’ll work with the community to make a final choice and the authoring tools.

  2. It’s great that the VTK Textbook is now available for free download! It seems in the current PDF, I still have some trouble with equation display, e.g., Eq 3-2 and 3-3 on Page 41. I am looking forward to the Latex format.

  3. Many equations (or: math text) are coming garbled. Are you aware of this problem and, if yes, any plans to fix it?

    I’ve tried using the default Chrome built-in pdf viewer on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. Have also tried the Evince Document Viewer 3.18.2 on Ubuntu 16.04. Nothing seems to make a difference.

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