May 22, 2024 12PM ET

Pioneering the Future of Digital Pathology with Open Source Software

Optimize your digital pathology workflows
HistomicsTK screenshot of cells

As the digital pathology industry becomes more innovative and competitive, it’s crucial to incorporate cutting-edge technology and adopt the latest advancements into your workflows. Incorporating AI and web functionality will allow your team to work more efficiently, produce more reliable results, and improve collaboration.

Optimizing digital pathology workflows can be challenging. Kitware has developed an open source tool called HistomicsTK to facilitate these changes and maximize efficiency while saving valuable resources.

During this webinar, Kitware’s digital pathology experts will:

  1. Explore the future of digital pathology – where it’s headed and how you can keep up
  2. Discuss how AI-driven data analysis, supported by efficient data organization, are essential for supporting your technical staff’s experiments and how web deployment will improve collaboration
  3. Explain the benefits of open source technology to drive innovation and reduce cost
  4. Demonstrate the capabilities of HistomicsTK and how it can be customized to align with your project requirements and strategic goals
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