VTK User's Guide

Everything you need to install, use, and extend VTK. Detailed examples, installation procedures, developers guide, file format descriptions, how to write imaging and graphics filters, plus data object API details for VTK version 5. Includes source code, updated HTML documentation, release notes, data, and PC binaries. The VTK User's Guide is a companion text to The Visualization Toolkit text. While The Visualization Toolkit stresses algorithmic and data structure details, the VTK User's Guide stresses how to use the software.


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Book Details:

Paperback: 536 pages
Publisher: Kitware, Inc. 11th Edition (March 2010)

ISBN-13: 978-1-930934-23-8
Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.2 x 0.8 inches

The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is an open-source, C++ toolkit used around the world in academic, research, and commercial applications. VTK has been used for medical imaging; to visualize the results of computer simulations such as fluid flow, climate modeling, and stress analysis; to view terrain and geophysical structures; to volume render confocal, MRI, CT, and Ultrasound datasets; and to create, edit and view models using advanced techniques from 3D graphics. VTK supports a variety of common data types and hundreds of algorithms. VTK's open-source code enables you to learn about visualization technology and to easily extend it for your own applications.

  • Precompiled binaries for Windows systems allow you to build Tcl applications without needing to compile the VTK libraries.

  • CMake controls the build process on Windows, Unix, and Mac OSX systems—build portable applications on different compiler/operating system/hardware combinations without the hassle of managing different build environments.

  • Hundreds of examples (in Tcl and C++) show you how to use VTK for a wide range of applications, ranging from 3D graphics to image processing to data visualization.

  • Contains full hyper-linked manual pages. Every class has its own page with collaboration and inheritance diagrams, method descriptions, event listings, and cross-references to related classes.

  • Provides an extensive data directory for testing, experimenting and using in your own applications.

  • Regression test images allow you to validate your VTK installation or graphics hardware.
  • A new chapter detailing VTK's information visualization functionality, including the table, graph, and tree data structures required to represent non-spatial data.

  • Enhanced details on 2D and 3D widgets and other forms of user interaction required to create an exploratory visualization application.

  • A new chapter on geospatial visualization for geographically organized data.

  • Additional details on time dependent and composite data.

  • Discussion of advanced rendering techniques including depth peeling for transparency.

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