Use Kitware's Open-Source Solutions
with Confidence!

Kitware offers support services to help you effectively leverage our open-source solutions, including VTK, ParaView, CMake, ITK, and Slicer. Our talented research and development staff can assist your team by answering technical questions, resolving issues, providing training, developing prototypes, or serving as expert resources on your development project. Our support services are provided on a time and materials basis, so you'll pay only for the services you use. If you rely on any of our open-source solutions, you should sign up for a Kitware Support Contract now to ensure that you can call upon Kitware's expertise when you need it.

To purchase a Kitware Support Contract please send an email to, or call us at +1 518-371-3971 (8am-4pm EST) or +33 4 37 45 04 15 (8am-4pm CEST).