Looking Glass is integrating with Kitware’s ParaView and 3D Slicer open source software to enhance communication and understanding in scientific and medical R&D labs For R&D professionals working in the scientific and medical fields and yearning for ways to visualize, communicate and comprehend their work in true 3D, Looking Glass Factory has now integrated its […]

Kitware has partnered with Looking Glass Factory to enable the real-time, 3D, holographic display of ParaView and Slicer renderings, without requiring cumbersome glasses or headsets.

Major changes made since ParaView 5.10.1 are listed in this document. The full list of issues addressed by this release is available here. New features Advanced multi-channel volume visualization ParaView’s user interface now allows you to define and edit 2-dimensional transfer functions for volume visualization of structured data. 2D transfer functions enable the color and […]

Kitware announces the release of LookingGlassVTKModule version 1.0.  This new release supports new Looking Glass Factory displays, cinematic volume rendering, and Python! Background Looking Glass Factory, the global leader of holographic displays, has introduced the world to 3D holograms that do not require headsets or glasses. Their proprietary light field technology engages parallax to create […]

As indicated by our progress during 2021 on our NIH "VTK Innovation" R01 grant, we see 2022 as the year of VR/AR and AI for VTK and VTK.js.

Kitware has added Looking Glass Factory holographic display support to its materials science visualization application, Tomviz.

Use VTK 9.0 to quickly and easily write a Python script to create your own 3D scene and visualize it on a holographic display!

ParaView combined with a Looking Glass holographic display seamlessly integrates 3D perception into your R&D environment.

Major changes made since ParaView 5.8.0 are listed in this document. The full list of issues addressed by this release is available here. New features Rendering enhancements Plugin updates Filter changes Readers, writers, and filters changes Interface improvements Python scripting improvements Miscellaneous bug fixes Catalyst Cinema Developer notes Known issues New features Extractors To save […]