Barry Ravichandran

R&D Engineer

Bharadwaj “Barry” Ravichandran is an R&D engineer who works remotely for Kitware’s Computer Vision Team. His responsibilities include applying state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to understand and discover unique attributes across different data streams.

Barry was also an R&D intern at Kitware, where he was part of the annotation team. Through this internship, he learned a lot about Kitware’s work and learning culture. He worked closely with Keith Fieldhouse, director of cyber-physical systems at Kitware, and Roddy Collins, Ph.D. and principal engineer at Kitware. They were great mentors and helped him apply his knowledge and skillset to his projects.

Prior to joining Kitware, Barry worked as a research assistant at The Pennsylvania State University’s Laboratory for Perception, Action and Cognition (LPAC). His research focused on building an end-to-end system that could predict human foot pressure from human pose joints. The predicted foot pressure could then be used to quantitatively measure human stability through stability-relevant components such as Center of Pressure (CoP) and Base of Support (BoS).

Barry received his master’s degree in computer science and engineering from Penn State.


M.S. in computer science and engineering from The Pennsylvania State University

B.E. in computer science and engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy – Anna University

Get to Know Barry

What made you want to become a Kitwarean? I was inspired by Kitware’s mission and values and felt that I could contribute to that mission. I also heard great things about Kitware from Chris Funk, Ph.D. and senior R&D engineer at Kitware. Since then, I have wanted to be a part of the Kitware family.

What do you love most about what you do? (1) Apply and modify state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms for different problems. (2) Ability and freedom to explore a wide range of frameworks and tools for dataset evaluations and visualizations.

Share something interesting about yourself that is not on your resume. Outside of my work, I sing (specifically South Indian music) and play video games on my PC.


Barry’s publication list is below. To see all of Kitware’s computer vision publications, please visit the Computer Vision Publications page.

  1. J. Scott, B. Ravichandran, C. Funk, R. Collins, and Y. Liu, "From Image to Stability: Learning Dynamics from Human Pose," in European Conference on Computer Vision 2020, 2020.

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