Heather James

Assistant Director of Business Development

Business Development
Computer Vision

Kitware DC
Arlington, VA

M.S. in International Business Administration
Southern New Hampshire University

B.S. in Marine Science, Minor in Geology
Texas A&M University

Heather James

Heather James is an assistant director of business development for Kitware’s Computer Vision Team and is located in Arlington, Virginia. She works closely with Kitware’s Business Development team and Computer Vision leadership to cultivate existing partnerships, relationships, and programs. She has been very successful in bringing in new programs, customers, and collaborations to Kitware. She also interfaces with government agencies and commercial organizations to gain an understanding of their technological needs and requirements to build new programs and technical solutions. She explores and brings in new business opportunities for custom software that spans across multiple domains (air, sea, land, and space) and platforms (manned/unmanned).

Heather is highly involved in the process of transitioning Kitware’s technology to existing or new customers, whether for further development or integration into new systems. This technology transition pushes Kitware’s cutting-edge tools and algorithms into the hands of different Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), National Labs, and Commercial customers and collaborators working on research and development as well as those operational teams for integration into their normal workflow process. She also manages some of Kitware’s programs supporting the IC.

Heather also works with customers to better understand where Kitware’s expertise and strategic technology development can address their challenges and fill technology gaps to meet their needs.

In addition to her work at Kitware, Heather has also served as a subject matter expert on various projects supporting industry, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force. She has taught MBA courses focused on Government and international business through Southern New Hampshire University.

Prior to working at Kitware, Heather spent time at Goodrich Corporation/United Technologies Aerospace Systems as the manager of innovative applications. She was responsible for providing expertise and support on sensors, military applications, and business development.

Heather worked as a scientific and technical advisor (SETA) at the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing Observatory working with various telescopes located at Haleakala Observatory. She performed sensor and science research and development, imagery analysis, project management, and new project generation supporting Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Domain Awareness (SDA). She closely interfaced with government agencies and commercial industry to gain an understanding of technological needs and requirements to better serve as a subject matter expert and build new programs and technical solutions.

Heather also served as a data scientist for Science and Technology International and BAE Systems Spectral Solutions. She focused on Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI), Multispectral Imaging (MSI), and Full Motion Video Navy programs. This included fieldwork flying on P3C Orions, military helicopters, fixed-wing civilian aircrafts, and airships.

Heather worked with the Scanning Hydrographic Operational Airborne LiDAR Survey (SHOALS) system, developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for monitoring the nearshore bathymetric environments using airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).

Heather received her master’s degree in international business administration from Southern New Hampshire University. She received her bachelor’s degree in marine science with a minor in geology from Texas A&M University.

Professional Associations & Service

  • Chairman for the Maritime Advisory Committee (MAC), 2013-2015

  • Board Member for the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI), 2012-2015