Alexis Girault

Alexis Girault

Senior R&D Engineer

Alexis Girault started his new role at Kitware as a Research & Development Engineer in September 2016, following a year internship in Medical Computing. Alexis received a B.Sc. in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Computer Science in 2013, followed by an Computer Science in 2016 from CPE Lyon Engineering School in France.

Prior to joining Kitware, Alexis worked as a software developer & research assistant intern from 2013 to 2014 at the Neuro-Image Research and Analysis Laboratories (NIRAL) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). At NIRAL, Alexis worked on software engineering for 3D visualization programs, including ShapePopulationViewer. From 2014 to 2015, Alexis completed part of his studies at the University of Montréal in Canada as a graduate exchange student, where he focused on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

As an intern, Alexis developed NIRFAST-Slicer, a platform that aims to accelerate the use of cutting-edge image processing and visualization techniques in optical imaging research for biomedical applications. Alexis also significantly contributed to iMSTK, which aims to support surgical planning and medical simulation projects at Kitware, and he helped to create the first version of iCSPlan, which goal is to give quantifiable information to plan craniosynostosis surgery through image processing techniques and shape statistical analysis.

Outside of his main scientific interests – Computer Vision and Software Engineering – Alexis has interests in video-game programming and entrepreneurship. He received the Best Accessibility Award for a video game prototype project he co-developped at the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition in 2015 in Montreal, and a Short-Term Feasibility Award for a business start-up project he lead during the Campus Creation Entrepreneurship Contest in 2012 in Lyon.

Alexis loves hiking, traveling, and has a passion for american football. He founded one of the first college football team in France at CPE Lyon and helped develop the French College Football League. Since his arrival in the U.S., he has been able to occasionally assist varsity football coaches at UNC, as well a SuperBowl champion Russell Wilson during camps for kids.