Hosted by the IEEE Computer Society 

November 13-18, 2022 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas in Dallas, Texas

The theme of SC22 is “HPC accelerates,” which emphasizes the power of HPC and how the scientific computing community can leverage it to unleash a deeper understanding of our world at an unprecedented pace. Kitware’s Scientific Computing Team has exhibited at the Supercomputing conference for many years. We plan to continue participating in 2022 and are especially excited as it will be our first in-person presence in two years. Attendees can visit our booth to learn about Kitware’s open source platforms related to HPC, watch live demos and presentations, discuss custom application development, and more. You can also interact with us virtually on our conference landing page, so you don’t miss out on any exciting HPC content.

Booth Presentations

During exhibit hours, we will host our booth’s live presentations. If you cannot attend in person, we will share some of these presentation recordings on our conference landing page.

What’s new in VTK 9

Tuesday, November 15 from 1-2 PM

Presented by: Sankhesh Jhaveri

Check out the new and improved Visualization Toolkit (VTK). Better performance, better rendering capabilities, and better UI support. The latest release of VTK brings it all! 

What’s New in ParaView

Tuesday, November 15 from 3-4 PM

Presented by: Berk Geveci, Ph.D.

Come see highlights of what’s new in the latest release of ParaView.

The Latest in CMake

Wednesday, November 16 from 10-11 AM

Presented by: Bill Hoffman

Learn the latest developments and features CMake has to offer. 

Simulation Workflows with Computational Model Builder

Wednesday, November 16 from 1-2 PM

Presented by: Corey Wetterer-Nelson, Ph.D.

Computational Model Builder (CMB) is an open source framework for specifying simulations and managing end to end workflows for computational science. It provides extensible user interface elements to orchestrate workflow tasks such as input file generation, modeling, meshing, and HPC job submission. Come see all the new science enabled by CMB.

ParaView Async

Wednesday, November 16 from 3-4 PM

Presented by: Christos Tsolakis, Ph.D. and Jaswant Panchumarti

In this presentation we explore how common ParaView workflows can become more interactive (and fun!) by revisiting the way we approach pipelines. We experiment with interrupting long processing filters and allowing modification of their parameters on the fly in a responsive UI. Get a glimpse of what future ParaView-based applications may look like.

Speed up your Large Simulations with ParaView Catalyst

Thursday, November 17 from 10-11 AM

Presented by: François Mazen

Catalyst is the in-situ solution for ParaView. It helps to reduce your simulation I/O tasks by performing on-the-fly analysis of the simulation output directly from memory. Catalyst 2 has a minimal and stable interface to minimize the footprint in your simulation code. You can create your analysis pipeline interactively in ParaView thanks to the python scripting capabilities, without modifying your simulation code. Additional features are live visualization of your data and simulation steering, all within a pleasant UI/UX environment!

Trame: Fast and Simple Analytical Workflows 

Thursday, November 17 from 1-2 PM

Presented by: Sébastien Jourdain

Trame is a Python framework that lets you bind beautiful Web UI to your workflow and target many deployments. Thanks to trame, your application can be used as a service in the cloud or as a standalone executable, or as an interactive cell within Jupyter without any code change. Trame also runs on HPC with ParaView while being accessible to your phone. Trame is the solution for your next In-situ visualization or computational steering.

Physical Event

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
Dallas, Texas
Virtual Location