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Scientific Computing

Kitware works closely with customers and collaborators in various national labs, government institutions, corporations and universities throughout the world to build open-source end-user applications and software development tools in support of distributed data processing and visualization. Our Visualization Toolkit (VTK) has become the standard for visualization software development with thousands of active users, while ParaView provides both an easy-to-use end user experience and the option for extensive customization.

Our expertise in high performance, distributed visualization and data processing enables us to tackle the vast quantities of data now routinely produced in many scientific fields. We work with our research collaborators to continue to push the envelope in scientific computing capabilities, and with our commercial consulting customers to adapt our open-source solutions to meet their needs.

For our clients and collaborators in the scientific visualization field, we offer a variety of services and products, including commercial technology integration services and support, training and documentation for our open-source tools.

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