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Computer Vision

Kitware develops solutions for inferring properties of the world based on digital images. Since visual perception is one of the key modules of human intelligence, a better understanding of vision principles can yield advances in diverse areas including the entertainment industry and national security. We have extensive experience developing robust solutions for real-world data and are actively working with industry and government agencies on a range of vision-based projects.

Our highly-skilled research team works collaboratively with leading universities and their nationally-recognized computer vision faculty to provide robust solutions to problems currently considered research challenges. On the Video and Imagery Retrieval and Analysis Toolkit (VIRAT) project, funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Kitware is collaborating with six leading defense technology companies as well as multiple internationally-renowned research institutions.

Kitware can work collaboratively with you on your next vision-based government proposal. We also provide commercial technology integration services that can deliver industrial-strength research-caliber solutions based on open source foundations.

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