Content-Based Video and Image Retrieval

Kitware has developed significant capabilities in content-based image retrieval from multiple DARPA and AFRL programs. We ingest, pre-process, and stabilize an incoming video feed and then identify and characterize moving objects, both dismounts and vehicles. More complex video descriptors, such as motion descriptors (including kinematic, deformable, and articulated motion), appearance descriptors (including color and shape), and behavior descriptors (such as running, carrying, vehicle u-turn, and many others) characterize deeper semantic content.

This semantic analysis enables live alerting to special ops personnel and can cue unexpected or suspicious activity in a video stream, which can be critical for mission success. Further, advanced forensic capabilities allow retroactive retrieval of activities of interest from large datasets.

Kitware has started to put its image and video analysis capabilities on as part of the Kitware Image and Video Exploitation and Retrieval Toolkit (KWIVER), with unlimited rights to the government. The capabilities on Forge. mil currently include the full source code for Kitware’s real-time WAMI tracking system. We plan to add to the capabilities in KWIVER and hope to build a lasting development community from government and commercial collaborators.

Sample search results for query "Show all persons who are carrying."